08 Bubblegum Pink Work or Rouille SGH Work?

  1. Which one would you pick between the two? I am torn between these two choices and can only pick one :shrugs: I must decide by tonight since I have both on hold til this evening. :sad:
  2. Bg Pink!
  3. I'm not a red person so I say BG
  4. hmm... normally I'd say rouille work, but since your option is SGH, then I'd say BG... i think the GH looks too much on the rouille... good luck!
  5. Yes, I'm going to say BG, too. Do you wear more warm or cool colors? BG and Rouille are complete opposites in my opinion, so if you like them both I think it could help to assess which one will coordinate best with your wardrobe. Let us know what you decide and post pics!
  6. I'm going to go against the grain here and say Rouille. I'm not a pink or BG person at all and just love the Rouille! :yes:
  7. Bg!
  8. Rouille before pink! Then pink!
  9. Pink! Post pics when you get her!
  10. Definitely pink! So yummy!
  11. Thanks for all your opinions gals! Even though most of you said BG pink, my SA convinced me after 30 minutes on the phone (I had to order it) to get the Rouille SGH work for now, and I'm now waitlisted for a BG pink City with GH :yes: She said after 15 yrs of interior design, the rouille is definitely a year round popping color that will look more fab in the large work size. She also described the leather to be super scrumptious and beautifully distressed which also really helped me choose to go with it:love: She suggested getting BG pink in the City size, since the color, although magnificent, is a little more difficult to wear in a large size. I guess this is also just her personal opinion, but either way I'm looking fwd to receiving it and hope it's amazing. I will post pics as soon as it arrives! Thanks again!!!
  12. Rouille has a lot of orange undertones, did you ask if your new bag was more red or orange based? Definitely make sure because I've seen lovely Rouille and I've seen very orange Rouille and I don't particularly like orangey bags.
  13. I think you made the right choice. The rouille will be a year round all situation bag for you. IMO the BG would be great for bopping about more than work, esp if your work place is a bit more on the conservative side.
  14. Congratulations on your decision!
  15. Congratulations! I look forward to seeing your pictures.

    (I would have also voted rouille as the more flexible, all-round colour.)