'08 bubblegum or violet city?


violet or '08 bubblegum city?

  1. violet city

  2. bubblegum city

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  1. hello everyone!! i'm trying to decide my 2nd bbag purchase (already have a grenat first which i absolutely :love: ). would you go for the new bubblegum or violet city (assuming i'm able to find one at close to retail!)?

    either colours would go with my wardrobe so i'm not too worried about that. am just worried about the maintenance of the bubblegum. would be paranoid about the handles warming & any spots/stains/dirt would show up more as compared to the violet. i probably cant throw it around as much & that's what's holding me back. plus, initially i wasnt that crazy over the violet but i've grown to love it...

    which would you get?
  2. I would go for the violet. The BG is a very pretty shade, but I prefer the deeper more saturated colors. Plus, violet seems to go with so much.
  3. I have always loved 05 BG and never have interest in 07 Violet..however I am a bit disappointed with the new BG cos I secretly hoping it will be the reminiscence of 05 :shame:

    So I vote for Violet cos I've been seeing so many of fellow TPFers rock this bag..
  4. If you can find a Violet, I would get that!
  5. I would go for the violet! IMO, I think it is a much more versitle color which would probably get more use. I wasn't too crazy about it at first, but after seeing so many gorgeous pics it is now on my wish list and will probably be my next Bbag purchase!
  6. I love pink, it's one of my favorite colors, but I'm not a huge fan of wearing pink. The bubblegum is really pretty, but for me personally, if I had to pink between the two, right now I'm leaning more towards the violet. I'd really have to see them in person though. I like them both.
  7. I vote for violet City.
  8. I'd go with Violet also. Warm handles seriously rub me the wrong way.
  9. I also vote for violet... I had the same problem and after comparing the two of them in store, the violet goes with so much more than the bg does!
  10. Violet is so pretty, I would choose that.
  11. i love the color of bubblegum and it's soo feminine and pretty but if i had to pick one, i'd go with violet. bubble gum is hard to wear in the winter and surprisingly, violet is a great neutral. i feel like i could wear it in spring/summer cause it's purple but in the winter cause it's such a deep shade! let us know what you decide!
  12. I voted for pink!! I would choose violet in a First if that were an option, for some reason I like it better on smaller bags. Or maybe I'm just still drooling over Twiggers BG City :love:
  13. violet is a HOT color right now and you can wear it with everything..the bubblegum pink..not so much! =)
  14. or you could always go for both ;)
  15. I would go with whichever makes your heart sing!
    Don't buy a bag that you have to convince yourself to get. :smile:
    Both are really pretty colors. I have a violet (first) and find her easy to wear with almost every outfit. If I had to choose only 1 I would take the violet, but only because I'm not a pink fan, even though I do like the 08 BBG.