08 Bubblegum available on Styledrops

  1. The BG First is so pretty!
  2. BG is so pretty, but Styledrops' price is much higher than in the States. :confused1:
  3. That bubblegum pink is so frothy, light and pretty! I'm sooo not a pink person, but even I like it.

    Thanks for the link, bern.
  4. I just saw quite a few of the new Bubblegum bags at the N/M in Houston, TX. While the color is more even than the '05 version, I can't say that it seemed like a huge improvement. Don't know if it's indicative of this color, but it always seems as though the color looks as though it has is darker in some areas and lighter in others. There were also some of the Magenta bags there as well ... better color in my opinion. :tup: