08 bubble gum available in toronto holt renfrew, canada

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  1. fellow canadians,
    grrreat news, holt renfrew got their first shipment of the 08 colours, as of this point, only bubble gum with RH is available, the GH will be available in the next couple of weeks along with other colours.
    so if you're interested, call the store to place a hold before they're all gone!!:yes:
  2. What???
  3. I was there yesterday too. I saw the 08 BG, but did not like it. The color was not as pretty as the rose, and looked a little plastic to me (and my bf said so too). The salesperson was also very...snobbish. A girl nearby was apparently interested in that bag, and the saleswoman basically said they only had a few and you had to be on a waiting list, so even if you want to purchase it you won't necessarily get it. Sure she was right about the list, but I did not like her attitude.
  4. Which bags did they get in? the city? UGH...if that's the case then BalNY should be starting to call this week!
  5. City, with regular hardware.
  6. I saw the BG City today as well as the Magenta First. Love the magenta, softer than the 05, but very pretty. I was thinking about getting the Magenta, but ended up with a Marc Jacobs Bag instead @ 40%!!!
  7. i saw these 2 today, but was sort of disappointed with the bubble gum city. i think the magenta was great, but im not sure if i would get the first; a city, definately
  8. Oh my, I hope they still have Magenta! I just want to see the colour IRL but I would NEVER buy from Holts again! :nogood:
  9. :confused1:Did they get anything else???:confused1:
  10. I was there today. All they had from spring 2008 was 1 Bubblegum city and 1 Magenta First.

    I dont think the sales lady knew a thing about what she was talking about (surprise surprise :rolleyes:) because she said those were the ONLY two bags they will be getting in for the SS 2008 collection. Gime a break, I wish they would even attempt to look into things when a customer asks them questions. I honestly think they just make up answers half the time :tdown:
  11. no kidding they don't know what they are talking about. When i asked her if anything else came in, she pointed to a sahara part time with ggh and said that came in with the bubblegum and magenta that morning. she said they should be getting more in the coming weeks, but who even knows how accurate that is.

    i was once at holts sherway and asked if they had any other city's in, and she said she didn't know which bag that was, that they don't go by balenciaga styles, but the holt renfrew style numbers :S
    another time i asked to see a violet step and when i pointed to it he said it was not called "step", it was called the "arena" bag.

    these s.a's don't know anything. plain and simple.
  12. not sahara, i meant sandstone...oops sorry