07A Chanel cardigan jacket...super cute!!!

  1. 07A cardi jacket with hook closure black, brown and metallic threading (super cute on, runs TTS) NM Tysons Galleria, VA (great price too, 1600 USD for a Chanel jacket piece)



    07P salmon pink tank dress with two front pockets, got this at 40% off from Saks earlier this year =)

    01C black lace mini jacket with front hook closure...found this at Lily Et Cie on Robertson in Beverly Hills. LOVE LOVE the camelia lace and it actually holds up--doesnt snag as easily as my Missoni knits :tup:

  2. *swoon*!!! :love: GORGEOUS pieces! $1600 for the cardi/jacket???! AMAZING!
  3. Wow! Those clothes are gorgeous! You got some amazing deals!! Modeling pics!
  4. love you loot!
    GORGEOUS - enjoy!
  5. :heart::heart::heart: Gorgeous!
  6. Thanks everyone for letting me share these with you!!!

    And yes^^the 07A cardi/jacket is amazing!! I cant say enough about this little piece. Its not a piece that makes you go WOW when you see the pics...well atleast not my pics since Im terrible at taking them :push: but when you see it IRL and try it on, the fit is great and comfy!!
  7. 04C pink white tweed runway long coat from Saks BH, CA I had to get it shortened but its gorgeous and for awhile I was too scared to wear it thinking it was too pretentious or crazy...but I fell in love with it again after altering it and with some encouragement from fellow TPFers :heart:

    06A black motorcycle style jacket with zipper front closure from Saks BH, CA
    I eyed this first at Chanel at the Wynn Hotel in Vegas when it first arrived in Fall but decided I had to wait for it to go on sale before making the plunge on it...and Im glad I did cos that year, lots of the RTW ended up on sale at 40% off!! :wlae:

    IMG_1982 (Medium).JPG

    IMG_1983 (Medium).JPG

    07P dark navy and white tweed coco crest jacket from Chanel Honolulu, HI was in love with this too from the runway and ad pics but felt it was impossible to get on sale...but alas there was one left in a size close to mine and I got it on sale for 40% off which is amazing cos Saks and NM sold out of this so fast at regular price!!

  8. You have fabulous pieces Cory! I had the 06A black jacket but now I'm regretting for selling it. THe last 07P jacket is just tdf. I got so much compliments especially from men!
  9. Hi Ann!! Ive missed our email chains!! We should start those up again...when are we gonna see pics of your latest buys!!

    Hope youve been doing well!!! ;)
  10. OMG...beautiful! i love everything you've picked out...Such classic pieces that just scream Chanel and Chic :smile:
  11. oh my oh my cory, where can i find that 07P jacket! you have such fab jackets! now now, if you ever decide to let any of them go... you know whose the first on your list! ;)

  12. Hi Cory, may I ask how much was the pink dress and when did it go on sale? Does Chanel go on sale frequently at Saks? Tia!
  13. i must not look. i must not look. i must not look.
    OH MY! :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:
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    Cory : Love all your Chanel collections esp the jackets. Your modeling pic looks fabulous with the motorcycle jacket. So u got most of them on sale, wow that's lucky~

    Btw, i also have the same primp thermal top!
  15. Love your Chanel collection jackets and knits. I can only dream of having one.....