07 Violet : what style would you get ???

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  1. Inspired by the thread posted by Fayden...
    I was wondering what would you like to have in this new Violet...

    I votre for a City:supacool: !!
    ...and you :graucho: ?????

  2. As usual, a FIRST for me!
  3. I'm a Day girl!
  4. I'd LOVE a Mini Bowling in this color...it would be so fun.
  5. Would love a Work in this colour...
  6. Good idea to thinking NOW on what we should buy for fall ;) :yahoo: ! Thank you for start this thread 'P' fromparis :love:

    I also would go for a city or a day ..... I voted for 'day' :yes:
  7. I love the violet in the new "Step" style shown in the picture. I really don't like bags that are too large, so I would have to see the dimensions before deciding. I think the city with RH would also be great.
  8. I really like the new step... If not, then a work
  9. city or work for me in RH. unless they come out with silver GH that would be hot!
  10. there's an 07 violet??? i've missed this..how could it be??
  11. Twiggy. I'm not loving violet yet, but I think it is probably MUCH prettier than it appears in the picture. I don't like the Step bag at all. It's too boxy, too matronly looking to me. Also it has no shoulder strap and the wide bottom would make is very hard to carry on your shoulder so it's a hand or arm held. The handles look too small for the size of the bag. Not for me.
  12. ^ I know pommypompom!! I was on vacation for a week, I come back - and there are two new, FABULOUS colors!!! :yahoo:

    I am :heart: the violet!! I am sooo glad I have time to decide what style to get it in!!! ( And to save up!!!) I am thinking a city... or a twiggy... or a part-time... oh, but I love my firsts.... oh my, SOOO hard to choose!!! Hoping to see what others are thinking and can't wait to see more pics of it!!! It is lovely!!!:love:
  13. I chose "Something Else," because Part Time, Regular Hardware would be my choice.

    I totally agree!!!
  14. how come you can't choose more than one on the poll ;)
    i would love to see how it looks in first and weekender...
  15. Ahhh, I MUST break my bag ban for a Violet City or Work :yes: