07 Vermillion Weekender is here! Compared to my 05 Rouge Theater City =)

  1. I compared it to my 05 Rouge Theater City. I love the 05 much more, it's more rich and deep in color, like a big ripe strawberry!!

  2. congrats ~~LIZ
    both of them are stunning!~~
  3. They are both beautiful! Are you saying you don't really like the vermillion color?
  4. I think the Vermillion is still a nice color, but I still prefer the 05 RT more.
  5. Congrats Liz...gorgeous bag! Btw how do you find the leather on your Vermi weekender?
  6. congrats!!! it looks really smooshy!
  7. Thanks for the comparison pics. I prefer rouge theatre. Best shade of red ever!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Congrats !! I love your Rouge theater!
  9. Congrats on ya new Weekender!! It looks hot!!

    Love how the comparison pics make the Theatre look more strawberry-ish like you said! :tender:
  10. am i the only one who said the vermillion is prettier :p
    thanks for posting this liz :party:
  11. WOW :nuts: lizlike.... - that's a fantastic comparison :yes: Thank you so much for sharing :flowers: :tender: !!
  12. They are both beautiful!! :yes:
    How do you like the Weekender size? I have a Weekender and I love it!!
  13. liz, BOTH your Rouge bags are TDF! Congrats!!!
  14. love both!
  15. They are both beautiful and the leather looks yummy!! Congrats!!