07 Tomato or 08 Coral Day?

  1. I need a new red "red" day...which of these two colors would you pick? Or any other suggestions/comments? I have a vif purse already...Thanks!
  2. Well tomato is stunning and we really haven't seen 08 Coral yet (just the swatch, and it's so hard to tell from a picture of that teeny tiny piece of leather!), so it's a really hard call to make. Tomato has been described as a true red with neither orange, nor blue undertones, while Rouge Vif has blue undertones and is a berry like colour. Maybe you would be better off with a Vermillion/ orange based red because you already have a blue based red?

    If I missed the post about 08 Coral, or if someone has a picture of 08 Coral I would love to see it, or please point me in the right direction!

    I wish you well,

  3. Oh, I forgot, I also have an 04 red city with pewter but she is not a "bright" red...
  4. Really?
    I thought 04 True Red is the true red (as the name suggests) :sweatdrop:

    What would you describe it then if its not a bright red?

    TIA :heart:
  5. Wait for 08 coral to come out before you make your decision. It's really hard to gauge from a swatch what the true color is. By waiting a little bit, you won't rush into buying something you'll need to let go soon.
  6. It depends on if you want a true red or an orangey red. I've seen the swatches at BalNY and Coral is a VERY bright red with orange undertones. Tomato on the other hand is a true red with no orange, similar to 04 red. Maybe Coral would be better since you already have 04 true red and rouge vif?
  7. if i were you i would wait until the coral red comes out before you choose which color to get.. you never know it could be love at first sight when you see it!!
  8. Is there a swatch of coral that someone could post on this thread, I don't recall that as a new color. I remember it being said that the new BG would be more orangey pink, but it's not. Does anyone know about Coral?
  9. I agree :yes: I want a red bag soon but wanna see the new red before deciding.
  10. The 04 is a "red" red but not bright, the 05RT day I just sold I thought was more of a "blood" red...I guess I should have said I am looking for a very "bright" in your face "red" red...
  11. I am praying the 07 tomato will still be available in a couple of months. I saw it at NM and fell in love.
  12. I just ordered a Tomato Red twiggy from BalNY. When it gets here, I'll post up pics of it. I'll snap a couple just for you with no flash so you can see the color. Check for my soon-to-be thread in the near future!
  13. If you're looking for a bright, in your face kind of red, I think you should try the Vermilliion.

    I have the Vif and have had the Tomato, and I can safely say that they're very, very similar...probably too similar to own both. To me, the 04 red is a true red, but if you're looking for something brighter, definitely try the Verm.

    I think you'll be disappointed by the 08 Coral, if you're after a bright red. It seems like it's going to be a coral kind of orangish red.
  14. If you want a super bright color, then I vote for the 08 coral red. Its not going to be a true red as I understand it, more like a coral-reef, tropical punch red. So much more interesting, IMO.
  15. Starbrite posted these photos from the Barneys trunk show. I went to it as well and saw this color IRL. It is a real coral red - very Palm Beach. If you like this color go for it but I prefer the tomato.


    bal4.jpg bal3.jpg