07 Spring Patchwork already on ebay

  1. It annoys me so bad when the store associates do that. I usually get things WAY before it's actually out but I HATE to see it on eBay.

    There were a bunch of the perfume up last week on eBay when only the people in the stores had it. Of course I already have mine but not the point!
  2. i don't mind when stuff is up early...it's usually interesting to see it.

    but, dang, coach...i am embarassed by this patchwork.
  3. Yeah I actually saw it in person today and it kind of made me want to barf.
  4. Yes, the 07 patchwork does make me :sad:. Goodness, I hate to see what the fakes/knockoffs will look like.

    But on another note, I didn't know SA's got stuff before they came out, so I did a search for the perfume and yep - there it was for $75.
  5. Oooooooh, that is pretty.

    (Dang I thought I could get that out ok.)
    I guess Coach decided that they were becoming too popular and wanted to nip that in the bud and this bag is their answer!
  6. $365 for that mess? Wow...the fakes are gonna be horrendous (sp?)
  7. um, what do you mean by store associates?

    just so you know, any customer could walk into a coach store and purchase that via through coach store AND have gotten in time way before it hits the store so for all you know it's a customer whose selling this (reseller) with shill biddings to get that high...or pple just really love it, haven't checked the bid history.

    and NO stores should have gotten the perfume yet except samples and i don't know if they're the same as the ones that the 'best of the best' get as part of coach's launch of it's very first perfume..but no SA in my store has gotten one yet, it's to be distributed after the meeting.

    department stores wouldn't get it either since currently there are no plans (as far as i know) to sell it at dept stores.

    i'm sorry you seem discouraged by the new stuff on ebay but i've seen bags for other brands (chanel's vinyl) on ebay before it's launched in US.

    it's the downside of a brand that is that successful
  8. Thanks, ms-whitney. It is unfair to blame associates. And how would the perfume show up on ebay when the stores don't have it yet? How does someone get something even before the stores have it? I really don't think there's any reason to try to have something before it's even released. Just kind of seems competitive to me. Just my .02.
  9. Really don't like this!
  10. WHAT?!!! :yucky:

    although, in the pic of the bottom of the bag there is that right hand section of navy blue print with red Coach lozanges on it - does anyone know if more items will be released in that print or have been in the past? I kind of like that part!
  11. i have never really been a fan of patchwork...and this just makes me do this face :wtf:
  12. A customer probably came in and asked about it and a SA ordered it. We just got a very big email recently though basically yelling at any store who ordered it because we are releasing it as a company and it's huge, there should be no more sales or it AT ALL until March 5th.

    Also- to the comment about SA's. I don't know if you're blaming SA's for selling super new things not out yet or SA's who find out about it/buy it and sell on ebay (trust me, we record every purchase and you have a limit that is no more than 8 or 12 depending on your role).

    If you're blaming SA's for selling stuff super early- i'm the biggest one. I already know some fall stuff and the second it's available- my best customers will know about it so they can get it first.
  13. :throwup:

    that's all i can really say about the patchwork.
  14. How do I become one of your customers? j/k. ;)