07 Show Summer piece - Denim patch Work Speedy

  1. Is the denim patchwork out yet? It seems like there are people who have seen them IRL in the boutiques.......

    I am on the waiting list for the grey speedy.......and they said it will be out on April 1, but I hear from some people that they are out already.

    And my local boutique's phone has been busy for last hour!

    And is it going to be 30 or 36? My SA said it's going to be 36, but on LV website, it says 30.....

    Can anyone confirm this?
  2. I think it is coming very soon & it will be the 30. Don't know if any have been released elsewhere yet sorry.
    I am waiting on the black also, can't wait much longer :smile:
  3. I think they'll be available the 1st..I've seen them at the trunk shows though (just not able to be bought then).
    As for the size, I'm sure it's known as the 30 but its a bit bigger than the normal mono/damier 30's (similar to the way the Miroir Speedy's are technically 30's but are actually a bit bigger.
  4. Well let us know when you get them, I'm excited for you both.