07 Sandstone or 05 Caramel ?????

  1. Which would you get in either Twiggy or City?
  2. ...I would go for a city and I still prefer thr caramel but I havn't seen the sand irl.
  3. sandstone in the city!
  4. Oh, good question!! I am looking for a brown in the not too distant future, and I was wondering this myself!! ;)
  5. Either in a twiggy would be fabulous!!!
  6. Hi guys, i just received my Sandstone flat msgr today and It's VERY much like taupe. Hardly at all like Caramel. Slightly disappointed would've liked it to be browner. But the leather is divine!!!
    ... will post pics later
  7. .. ok on reflection... grayer in some lights, browner in others. But yes, still think it's very Taupe.
  8. I happen to adore Taupe, and though I love Caramels as well, the 05 version is a bit too pale for my taste. So my vote is with Sandstone, especially if the leather is nice ;)
    And City! not a fan of Twiggy :sad:
  9. I think caramel is a more earthy and casual color and sandstone, also beautiful, is more refined and dressy - can't go wrong with either but a much different feel with each.
  10. I am pondering the exact same thing and having seen neither color in real life, it is difficult to choose. I don't really know anyone with a caramel 05 so I will probably be able to see the sandstone IRL easier at a store. Maybe someone will post a side by side picture eventually.
  11. either way....definitely sandstone!!!
  12. sandstone twiggy :smile:
  13. Skimatic - please take pictures of your sandstone messenger! I am so curious about what it looks like.
  14. Tht's how i want it to be...wowwww...i think i'm gonna love it so much:yahoo: Pls share ur lovely pics soon:drool: .

    Has anyone seen sandstone in GH work IRL?? I'm eager to c:nuts:
  15. 05 caramel is my all-time favorite color/leather combination (<--see avatar)