07 S/S Sandstone WORK!!!

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  1. Hi Everyone! First of all, I'd like to say that I am a newly converted Balenciaga addict! I just bought a new 07 F/W Black Work bag. However, looking at all these beautiful bbags makes me want another one.. REAL bad. So with your help, I was wondering if anybody could help me locate the 07 S/S Sandstone Work. I think that bag is SOO gorgeous and the color is absolutely to die for. All those people with the Sandstone Work.. I ENVY YOU! :drool:

    ANYWHOO.. does anyone know if I call Barneys, they can locate one for me, even if it's at a different branch? And would they be willing to ship it to where I live? THANKS ALOT! :okay:
  2. I'm pretty sure if they locate one at a different Barney's they can have it shipped to you still. You should also call up Neiman's :yes:

    I have a Sandstone City and the color is gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS! I hope you find one! Good luck and let us know if you do!
  3. Call Aloha Rag. GL!
  4. Neimans didn't get any sandstone in their stores... they got mastic. I tried and tried again.. hahaha. :smile:
  5. moving to shopping sub... :flowers: