'07 RED Jumbo (w/ bijoux chain) - in LAMBSKIN?

  1. I just came across these photos of Rachel Bilson carrying what looks like the '07 RED JUMBO (with silver Bijoux chain) -- in LAMBSKIN!! So was this lambskin jumbo simply a celebrity-exclusive that Chanel never bothered to make available to us mere mortals?

    (click on the photo and the HQ opens up -- it really looks like lambskin, not caviar, to me. Anyone else seeing the same thing?)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Not sure abt jumbo but i've seen one sold on eBay but in medium size with modern chain (lambskin)....i missed that one, it was sold at a pretty attractive price~
  3. It's so gorgeous i want one.
  4. Yeah, I think I know which one you're referring to -- it was a East-West in lambskin with the Bijoux chain.....from Europe (France), right? North American stores only got the red in E-W caviar, Medium caviar & lambskin, and Jumbo caviar. I've never seen or heard of the '07 red lambskin jumbo in existence until those photos of Rachel Bilson stopped me in my tracks!
  5. Oic, coz i saw that one with double modern chain which is the medium size. But not sure abt the jumbo one, did you check with the chanel store if they ever have this before.:heart:
  6. Oh wowwwww!! Thats TDF!! Its gorgeous! Pls let me know too if you find one. Thanks!
  7. Now that you've mentioned the *medium* red lambskin (w/ bijoux chain) from eBay I think I'm beginning to remember that one too (it was actually a lovely tPFer's auction)....that bag was gorgeous and a really good price too. None of the stores in North America got the red jumbo in lambskin, only caviar; medium flap came in lambskin & caviar. I have the '07 red in jumbo caviar and medium caviar and STILL am lusting after more red!
  8. Yes that is the one, u saw that too! Such a pity that i did not bid that one, miss that chance...sigh

    Me too also lusting after more red, hopefully can find a 2005 caviar and the modern chain in caviar/lambskin.

    Wow, u got both caviar in different sizes...i'm drooling now:drool::drool:
  9. my friend saw the exact one but in medium flap and new chain in berlin and he asked if i wanted it! omg i almost died but then again , i came back to my senses and said no since i have a medium flap already :sad:
  10. It almost looks like it could be red patent...
  11. I saw jumbo lambskin in red,black,grey and white in Venice Italy in April!They were Gorgeous! I had my med'large red ordered from Vienna's b before then though!I regret I didn't grab a jumbo too right then! White in particular was divine!:nuts::heart:
    Hope they release some of them in future!:yes:
  12. It could be the caviar one. I have the caviar jumbo and the red 07 Caviar is much smoother and not so pebbly as my Black caviar jumbo.
  13. Jumbo 07 Red Lambskin was available at the Sloane Street branch about 4 months ago.
  14. I think it's lambskin. Looks like a large to me.

  15. *cries* :crybaby: Why oh why will Chanel not give the US stock on these?! I am dying for this bag!