'07 Paddy Confusion??????

  1. We saw the regular 07 Paddies IRL and I'll have to say it was very disturbing? Even though the colors are beautiful the purses sat very stiff, there was no fluidity to them at all. As a matter of fact, the med Pocket Paddy I returned to Aloha Rag (cream) was the same way. I feel I lucked out with my olive one because it isn't structured and very floppy? But why is that? Which colors in the 07 Paddy style (besides olive and the taupes) have that supple leather?:cursing:
  2. ^^^ I agree. I don't know what they've done but the leather now are rather disappointing. I'm hoping that the new ones get soft with use.
  3. i havent seen one yet...
  4. I felt and saw one at Saks and its kinda soft but really stiff and like a pleather almost :yucky: