07 Paddington Leather????

  1. I'm killing time waiting to see if my lovely paddy goes on sale at NAP........which is giving me more time to obsess....and stress......according to NAP the bag I like is from SS07. And, I've seen the odd post saying that the 07 leather is not good, that it's stiff and shiney???

    NAP say "We can advise that the same leather is used for most Paddington’s and whilst there may be slight differences from season to season, these are barely noticeable."

    Does anyone own an 07 and is the leather as smooshy and pebbly as the older ones? Can I ask NAP to pick one like that, will they do that??? If it's not as good what are my other choices, online, to buy an 06 black (with white stitching) paddy that is definitely authentic???
  2. I think there are both pebbly and soft 2007 leather aswell as stiff leather too. :p

    I saw in chloe boutique 2 regular paddintons in 2007 blanc, and 1 was very stiff and looked almost like a fake :yucky: while another was extremely soft and pebbly and didn't have any backbone at all :love:. The difference between these 2 bags was huge!
  3. I just bought an 07 Autumn brun paddy and it has pebbly smooshy leather. The floor model of the same color in the store looked pretty smooshy too.
  4. Pandabear your brun paddy is gorgeous example of smooshy 2007 leather:drool: Just saw your thread & drooled..!!
  5. I totally agree with you! I have been at Nordstroms and seen two 07 paddys sitting next to each other and the leather on each one was completely different!! I really think that you have to at least see close up photos of the bag you are interested in before purchasing it!:smile:
  6. Doh! NAP say "Please be advised that we do not have a facility where customers can make requests to their orders at this time. However should you receive the bag and you are not happy with the finish of the leather you can contact our Returns department to exchange the bag for another bag of the same style."

    I'm just worried about the cost of the duties / tax etc if I have to exchange - or, do you think they'll count it as a faulty return in that instance??? Even then, I'm not sure if they refund duties/tax... :nuts:
  7. I asked diabrp if they were able to select the leather and they were very helpful. They more-a-less told me to describe the qualities I wanted and they would try to match it.

    In saying that, I have just rec'd my 07 argent mini paddy (bought on eBay) and the leather is AMAZING - very soft.
  8. Cherie :heart:

    You bought argent??
    Post pics please :drool:

  9. ^^ Hehe I think you've seen the pics now? Let me know how your sales/purchases are progressing! I am getting the impression you are now a fully fledged bbag girl!
  10. my mousse paddy i got last week brand new, had a slight shinny stiff finish to it compared to my aubergine paddy, but after using it its getting softer and much nicer.

  11. Could the difference in leather be due to calf vs. lamb skin? I just happened to notice on diabro that some mini's say lamb and some mediums say calf?

    desgnerqueen198- where did you get your mousse paddy?
  12. my two 07 paddies are completely different from each other.

    07 Blanc Classic - traditional smell, very thick and wrinkly, shiny coating(i hope this wears away), getting smooshier but not as smooshy as some of the older craie's and sables I see on TPF. Seems almost waterproof - so on rainy days I have actually been using a white bag on purpose!

    07 Large Bronze Tote - very light but still thick & huggable, leather smell is unique and INTOXICATING, but different - smells and feels like the newer leather on the alice in chains paddy. I think it is a completely different kind of leather???

    I want to post pics but I am still trying to figure out how to make them small enough to post! Any tips are appreciated!;)
  13. My SS07 Muscade is just gorgeous! Has the best leather of all my paddy's (except maybe my 06 Noir) :tup:

    But last season the leather did vary from bag to bag so I consider myself lucky that mine is so good :heart:
  14. hi
    i got it off of a seller on ebay, it was a good buy in the end, see my thread my mouse paddy nightmare, it was an ex display model and has a missing key, still trying to get one from chloe!
    anyway it turned up with a broken padlock, i was not happy:cursing:

    after words with the seller i took it upon mysel to fix it and i did it turned out a small piece o the original key had broken off inside.
    now with a fixed padlock it was a complete bargin at £199, unortunately my paddy crazy has resulted in me getting a jeans moyen so i will be selling this bag on ebay.
    when the bag arrived it was quite stiff and the leather was smooth but ive used it twice and its softening up nicely,
  15. Thanks, I'm too scared to buy from ebay. I had my own mousse paddy nightmare so I can relate... color started to wear off after 3 months, returned to the Chloe store and they destroyed it while trying to repair. Of course, now I can't get that color or style (mine was actually front pocket paddy).:cursing:

    best of luck and definitely post pics of the jeans moyen if you haven't already