07 Ocean - Is this bag this gorgeous in IRL??

  1. I've been surfing around TPF for several hours now and have stumbled across another bag that I think I might have to have - an 07 Ocean SGH. Can anyone describe how this bag looks in IRL? It caught my attention because in the photo it seems to be such a deep, saturated blue with subtle turquoise/teal undertones running through it, but I'm wondering if it's more of a blueberry color IRL. Would you say that the photo below, posted a few months ago by a fellow TPF'er, is a good depiction of how the color really looks?

    Ocean SGH City.jpg
  2. :yahoo:Yes, it is gorgeous, just like the ocean, really nice.
  3. Ocean is beautiful!! Darker than Cornflower, but not nearly as dark as Blueberry, it's a beautiful, beautiful blue and looks thesuperfantastic with the Silver Hardware!

    I wish you well,

    Bridget <--- enabler : )
  4. ^^^ be careful! this is the bbag thread of TPF - everyone will say yes!!
  5. I have an ocean city and I must say that I think ocean is one of the most amazing blue's that Balenciaga has ever made! Kind of a bright slate blue....hard to describe since it looks different under different lights.

    another enabler here......go fot it!
  6. [​IMG]

    It's a lovely blue! I was underwhelmed when I first saw it but now I just love it...
    Ocean First.jpg
  7. The ocean looks amazing, more so IRL :smile:
  8. Amazing, looks wonderful with denim! The ocean with SGH is probably the most amazing bbag I have seen IRL!
  9. Picture08 007.jpg YES it is!! Here is a picture of my twiggy!
  10. Here's my Ocean City. I absolutely LOOOOVE it :heart: It's really a beautiful blue :heart:

    I'd say the picture you posted is a little darker than my Ocean, but the color seems to vary as I've seen some Ocean's that are much darker than mine.
  11. oceanfirst.jpg

    Here's my ocean first. I just love it!! :heart: Best blue ever in my opinion. :shame:
  12. Really a gorgeous color and quite unique!