'07 Natural vs. White

  1. Hi -

    I am thinking about purchasing a '07 Natural City but want to know what the color looks like next to white. I know someone posted a comparison next to greige awhile back... I am hoping that Natural makes a nice, neutral bag that will look great this spring.

    Any help anyone can give me is much appreciated!

  2. Martha - I recently returned my natural city bag, just wasn't knocked out by the color. I decided to hold out for greige, which I (luckily - thanks again Siri! :heart:) found and should be here any day! The natural color does look good with white but there was just something 'off' about it to me. There is a greige purse on eBay right now (see post). Good luck!
  3. I saw a natural bag the other day next to a gray bag (not sure which grey). For a minute, I thought they were the same color, just different dye lots. I think you have to think about your wardrobe a bit as far as what would work better. I didn't see the natural next to the white but the white is pretty true white, at least the ones that I saw.
  4. Hey flipflop and Martha, I returned my natural city as well. I had to buy it sight unseen and when I got the bag I was underwhelmed by the color. I agree that greige is much prettier. White might be a better choice if you are looking for a spring bag this season.
  5. Between natural and white, white gets my vote - but greige would be my first choice out of the three.
  6. I think there is a photo on another thread of new bags on the display shelf at BNY, and one is of natural and white together. ? I got a giant white brief, having intended to try natural, because my SA talked me out of it. He thought it was a sort of washed out greige and, knowing my preferences, thought I wouldn't like it. Still, if what you really want is a bag that is sort of close to white, light, but off-white, maybe natural is the way to go.
  7. Is Cameron Diaz carrying a natural in this picture (or is it light green, I can't tell)? I quite like this color.
  8. That looks like a natural w/gh. It does look gorgeous! Another PFer just got a natural part time w/gh and loves it! The pictures looks gorgeous! Maybe if you decide on natural the gh is the way to go?
  9. If this is the natural I'd say go for it, especially if you have the coloring to pull it off like Cameron does!
  10. Thanks to everyone! I do have dark hair and tan-ish skin (unfortunately, I can't afford to sit in the sun all-day...). I really like the color that Cameron has. I just bought a Burberry Trench coat (in tan) and am wondering if I should go a totally different direction and get a green that would really pop against the light colored jacket. Maybe I'll have to get both... YIKES!
  11. My white Weekender is white white, no yellow or grey undertones. The natural with GH is TDF and dressy :yes:
  12. The f/w white has more of an ivory cast than my white twiggy from s/s did. However it isn't like natural. Natural is much darker. Like a dark ivory that would match anything. Greige has gray tones in, although some are grayer than others and greige is also much darker than natural. Natural has sort of a pearly look to it, like Calciare only no pink. I have all 3 bags. I also have an '04 white with silver hardware and it's more ivory than the recent ones, but they are close. I am hoping they do a bright white this summer. I would never have sold my Twiggy had I know they were going to change the shade of white. I love them all but now I don't have a bright white Balenciaga. :crybaby:
  13. I love the natural colour! I think it looks really classy and will go with everything. Go for it!!:lol:
  14. Powder, I love the way you are able to discuss and point out the differences across colors and seasons. Your insight is so helpful! :yes: