07 Natural City

  1. I know a couple of you have received your natural city bags - question - does it look like it has a touch of green in it? I received mind yesterday, and while I love the feel of the leather, etc., I was surprised by the color - it seems on the greenish side to me. Am I crazy, or has anybody else noticed this? Is there a chance BalNY could have sent me a cement instead of natural?
  2. I don't notice any green in mine. In what lighting do you see the greenish tinge? I honestly have only looked at mine once, and that was to photograph it when I got it. I'll look good today because I am going to do a group shot.
  3. It has been rainy and dreary here the past couple of days, so not the best light to look at the bag. It is really pretty and I am sure in the sunshine (which we have 9+ months - along with the heat - here in Texas!) I will love it.
    Powderpuff - can you repost your pictures of the natural alongside the greige? I was never able to see those on my computer. Thanks so much!
  4. I'm sorry the pictures got deleted when I cleaned out my photbucket pics. I reposted them in the original thread. You can see them there now. :yes: