07 Mogano RH Work, go or no go?

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  1. #1 Oct 5, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2010
    Hi there,

    I need your help urgently. I have a chance to get 07 Mogano RH Work in mint condition and reasonable price. First, I'm so happy to find mint Chevre RH Work :yahoo: but for the second thought, I'm not sure if Mogano, the reddish brown, is a versatile color. :thinking: This bag would be my only RH Work and other bals in my collection are GH. I plan to use this as an everyday bag due to the lightness of RH. The point is does Mogano match perfectly with Jeans and not too old for late-twenty-girl? I wear Jeans almost everyday and my style is more like Abercrombie collection. Please kindly suggest. Thank you in advance.



  2. i LOVE it!!!! i think the bag goes with every colour! the leather looks so luscious and smooshy!!!!
  3. Ahhhh - stunning bag for anyone of any age!!
  4. I got my mogano rh work over a week ago... she looks perfect with my jeans ^.^ a great every day bag IMO
  5. I'd say Mogano is pretty versatile. The leather looks amazing! Definitely a go! :okay:
  6. I have a Mogano Day, and this much-loved color is one of Bal's perfect browns, IMO. I agree that it is a stunning bag for any age! Congrats if you decide to get it. That is quite a find!
  7. Oh goodeness yes. Pay no attention to age my dear :biggrin: ENJOY!!!
  8. I think that bag would go great with jeans... great color for Fall...GET IT!!
  9. I think it's a beautiful color! It will look great with jeans, especially with fall colors!

    And it looks to be in great condition... so it's a yes from me! :smile:
  10. Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! nough said!:P

  11. And yes again. I think Mogano is one of Bal's classic HG colours. A great neutral but not boring.....and in chevre!
  12. That Work looks wonderful :drool:!
  13. Definitely a go!!! -- looks like amazing leather!
  14. I love that bag! Think it is gorgeous...

    But, I think the Work style itself is perhaps more "grown-up," than some of the other Bal styles. I think of it as less casual than the City, Day, or some of the other motorcycle bags. Maybe it's the style that is worrying you, and not so much the color? :confused1:
  15. Thank you for all of your comments. I definitely GO for this item. Yummy!