'07 Legacy Shoulder Bags

  1. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forums but have loved coach for a while now. A friend of mine told me about the forum and I couldnt resist! I was hoping someone could tell me if they have seen any '07 legacy shoulder bags at the outlets recently? I would really like to buy one but it's a little pricey! I would love it in gardenia or juniper! Thanks for the help!!:tup::heart:
  2. I have seen them hit and miss.. I think they have been returns because when I have seen them it has only been 1 or 2. That was in Las Vegas. :tup:
  3. At my outlet I think I have only seen one and it was a return and it was totally scratched up, like fields said it is mostly hit and miss and probably returns.
  4. I saw one '07 whiskey shoulder bag and have seen the chocolate signature ones at my outlet.

    If you're wanting gardenia or juniper, I think the only way they'll be at the outlets is if it's a return since both colors are still on-line and at the boutiques...

    The gardenia shoulder bag IS gorgeous!! If I already didn't have a white Ali, that'd be my white bag!!
  5. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it!! Maya, it is soo pretty.. i've only seen the Leigh in Gardenia but totally fell in love with the color!! :heart::love:
  6. Oh yeah... absolutely gorgeous, fabulous, fantastic, and all that! Hehe.
  7. Another thing to remember is if they are returns they will only be a small percentage off.. I think it's 10%? might be 20%.. :shrugs: So you might just want to wait for pce.
  8. thats very true... the PCE should be in march right?? Hopefully I will get one... i got one in december and know how random it can be :confused1: