07 legacy satchel

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  1. Does anyone know what colors this came in ? Also if anyone has this bag do you like it ? Thanks !
  2. It came in black and whiskey, and in the khaki black signature (possibly the chocolate too, but I can't swear to it). I LOVE this bag. It makes me feel like a princess. Of course it's heavy and doesn't git on your shoulder if you are wearing a coat, but it fits a lot and is so classy and pretty.
  3. It also came in pond and white which were at the oulets.
  4. The pond was only in the '06 legacy satchel.....great bag.
  5. does anyone have a pice either IRL or from drilldown? for the life of me, I cannot picture this bag and now I am intrigued! TIA!
  6. man it won't let me attach the pic! :mad:
  7. I don't own one but did see them at the outlets, they are beautiful! Kind of heavy, but nice that you can put it on your shoulder if you want to. :tup: I also loved how they moved the buckle so it's just for decoration so you don't have to use it to get in/out of it. :yes:
  8. Thanks, This is the 07 shoulder bag. I was talking about the satchel with the pockets and turnlocks. This one is cute though !
  9. So it did come in whiskey ? I think I want this bag in whiskey or I love the khaki black. Any idea about how much they were in the outlets ? Thanks !
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Sorry, I realized that the second I typed it, went back into edit and you already caught me! :shame: I posted a pic down below now... oops! :P
  12. It did come in whiskey, at my outlet it was $327.99 + tax but I think they may have gone down.. that was about 2 weeks ago. :okay:
  13. I am torn though, then I think why not just get the 06 mandy , same look only I can put it on my shoulder. So confused :sad: I just keep going in circles with this. Which one do you think is a better price in the outlets ? Thanks
  14. Thanks !
  15. I feel like such a pest, I keep calling my closest outlets trying to find bags that I want.