'07 Fall/Winter Jaune (Yellow)

  1. Well ... just saw a bunch of Polaroids of the new bags (colors & styles) and wanted to report in on them.

    1. The "Violet" definitely does not appear to be as "plum-ey" as the '04 Eggplant; it has much more of a red undertone to it. It's still very pretty though.
    2. Balenciaga should consider renaming the "Jaune" to "Moutarde" (Mustard) because its NOT a very yellow color. It DEFINITELY has a lot of brown undertone to it. It reminded me somewhat of the '03 Mustard, but even the '03 Mustard has more yellow to it.
    Some of the new styles are REALLY cool; especially the Tote and Mini-Quilted Purse. Yeah ... there are a few clunkers in there as well ... but overall, I would say that Balenciaga will do very well this fall!
  2. Thank you for the update :heart: The Violet is top 3 of my most wanted list and I can't wait to see it IRL :yes:
  3. Hi, CeeJay, thanks for the report. Which one was the mini-quilted purse? Were there pics posted here? I'm assuming your not referring to the flap clutch, right? TIA.
  4. Interesting report! Thanks for shedding more light on these two coveted colors!
  5. I hadn't seen this style before, that's why I was so surprised! It looks like a mini Matelasse bag. Don't ask me why they decided to call it the mini-purse; at least that is what the S/A called it. It was super cute, but WAY too small for me!
  6. Thanks for letting me know. It would probably be too small for me too. I so desperately wish I could see the new styles. Sometimes living in the midwest can really suck because I'm not able to access SAs in person. I'm very thankful for all of the reporting done by the super sleuths here on tPF.
  7. Oh yeah ... forgot to mention:
    • A 'new' Oval-style bag (except with handles) will be available. Sorry to say, but I immediately classified this in the 'f-ugly' category. Those of you who like this style should LOVE this new bag!
    • The "tote" (as pictured below from the BNY-BH Trunk show) is called the "Rock-&-Roll" bag. What you don't see in the picture is that the front of the bag has lots of Silver Hardware down the middle (kind of looks like a skeletal spine); wicked cool!

    • The picture below (again from the BNY-BH Trunk show) does NO justice to this bag!! The photos that I saw ... WOW :drool: ; MAJOR drool-worthy style!! I saw this bag in the Terre de Sienne color with additional the black leather trim. I may have to get one of these as well!
  8. Thanks, ceejay! I really appreciate your opinions and views on the new styles.
  9. :heart:
    Thanks for the info! I would love to see this style!
  10. Is this the mini-purse or is it something different?


    I'd love to get this clutch in violet! I wonder what the dimensions are. I'm going to call Daphne tomorrow.
  11. Whoa! Violet is HOT!
  12. thanks for sharing. the violet is so pretty.
  13. I wanna hear more about jaune... so far the pics look like yellow ochre-caramel color, pretty, but not punchy. hmmm..
  14. ceejay...i LOVE the second bag you posted...i think it's the only bbag i'm getting this season...i just can't decide what color i want...i've seen it the purple too, but this scan is bad...
    i want to know what other color combos it's going to come in...


    does the front of the violet bag look something like this? this bag is called the "clous"

  15. Thanks for the info Ceejay.

    The mini matelasse is on the top of my list....can't wait to see it in person!