07 Fall Preview

  1. I was checking on the Jimmy :choochoo:
    website and came across the 2007 Fall preview. Still no bags yet, but there are about 15-20 pairs of shoes. Here are a pair of sandals in Violet. I am hoping they release a Mahala in this color!:drool:
  2. OMG, I am dying for any and all news related to Jimmy Choo's fall line. :graucho: Thanks for posting.

    I'm hoping for purple bags too--and bags in emerald/forest green.
  3. ^^ am looking forward to purple bags as well!!
  4. WOW! I love those shoes. I would kill for a bag in that colour. It would be gorgeous!!
  5. Love the color!!! Thanks for posting. =)
  6. It is TDF...thanks for posting!