07 f/w rouille!

  1. in case anyone's interested, here's some pics of the 07 f/w rouille first! it's alot lighter and alot more orange than the 06 rouille in my opinion! i just saw these on a webbie!
    oops my apologies for the large photos, i don't really know how to resize photos but the leather on the rouille is absolutely yummy!
  2. Thanks Sillygoose!
    Definitely different than an '06 Rouille! I think i like an 06 better....
  3. Oh my goodness - this is kind of like a coral color!!! Thanks for the photos!!

  4. Oh man! Don't apologize for the large sized jpegs. THANKS for posting. The color is really nice! Definitely adds a spark !:tup:
  5. OMG!!! I LOOOOVVVVEEE this color! Kind of like a faded orange. I was just dreaming that Balenciaga would make an orange like this. Do you think this is truly representative of the color? This would be soo lovely in a work.
  6. Thanks!!

    i'm not really sure as i haven't seen this in person! but i bought from this site before and their pictures are quite accurate in my opinion! and yep this colour has a vintage feel to it!
  7. Actually I like this color very much! Balenciaga must make more orange!!
  8. wow! i LOVE this color too! Thank so much for sharing!:heart:
  9. mmmm i really like! it almost has a a burnt apricot undertone.. loves it! Very Autumnal!
  10. Their photo of mastic seems kind of pale & less yellow compared to other photos of mastic I've seen, though...
  11. WOW! i LOVE it! thanks so much for posting this!
  12. Wow, that looks really promising especially since a lot of the 06 rouille leather was thin.
  13. I was really looking forward to this color, and now I can't wait for it! I think it's the perfect orange. Thanks for posting!
  14. thanks for the pics! I'm looking for orange/rouille city! anyone got pics of what it looks like IRL though? its always hard to tell from the pro pics...
  15. I'm not really an orange person, but that is such a stunning autumnal colour! Wow. If I find some incredible amount of money somewhere, I would love a First in this!