07 colors??...when, where??...

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  1. Hey ladies..
    just wondering if anyone knows when the '07 colors are being released?:smile:
    and where...any inside tips as far as exact dates??:graucho:
  2. Are the '07 color bags more expensive since its new?
  3. Normaly start around second week of december here in France but all prespring will not be out until january.
    And i don't think there will be a priceraise since they raised them for last fall already. Hope I'm right!
  4. Sarah at BalNY told me last week that most of the spring 07 colors would be coming in January. But that the bottom row of the swatch list (which was periwinkle and i think aquamarine and another 2 i can't remember) would not be in til March as they were part of a special collection. But then a girlfriend of mine spoke to someone at BalNY yesterday, who said aqua was coming in Jan. :confused1:
  5. Tick...tock...tick...tock...and the countown continues!!! :hysteric: I can't wait for the new colors to come out...I've got my EYES on the PRIZE (Marine!!) :nuts:
  6. I asked my SA at NM and she said January also.
  7. I hope they come before mas as I'm getting one as a present form hubby and I don't like to wait until January but if it's nessecary I have to:crybaby:
  8. yes, marine!!! ahhh! a whole month..soo long...
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