07 Cobalt Blue Stam! crappy pic!

  1. Okay guys.. So i was in Neimen Marcus in Tyson's Galleria (VA) tonight and they just got the new 07 Stam in the BRIGHT Cobalt Blue in this morning! The color is absolutely INSANE. Sooooo bright, but very cool! They also had it in a bag that was like a small multipocket but with a gold stam-like shoulder chain..

    I quickly tried to get a pic for you guys, but an SA quickly jumped out from which seemed like nowhere and scared me from getting a clearer picture, so i'm afraid this blurry thing is the best i got.. but the color is certainly there and it really is THAT blue! Plus, you know what the Stam looks like anyway! Next time i'll try to be a better spy!! ;)

  2. ^ SammyDoll, you are a doll. Thanks for sharing. =)
    I might have some pictures for us tomorrow. =)
  3. Wow that is a bright blue! Thanks for sharing!
  4. That's bright! the other bag sounds like the quilted MP in cobalt.. there's a tpfer looking for that bag!

    Thanks for sharing!
  5. Sammydoll - I was there last night too! Maybe we passed each other and didn't notice? I was there picking up my Bottega Veneta mirror that was missing from my bag.

    I too saw the blue Stam and have to say, it is incredibly bright! A little too crayola bright for me, but definitely very unique looking.

    They did have a gorgeous large multipocket in a deeper blue color there...but, on a strict bag ban right now, after buying a BV and LV Damier Speedy....must...resist...;)
  6. Thanks for spying around! You can get an idea for the color from the photo! So blue! I can't wait to see the new green IRL!
  7. I really quite like that colour - but have been told we're not getting that colour in the uk :crybaby:
  8. searching through the web i got this pix:
  9. That's so funny! I was carrying my brand new bright minty green Balenciaga City! I was probably pretty hard to miss.. Not as bright as this Stam, but up there! haha.. It's weird.. it almost looked like a fake in person because it was so intense!
  10. ^ I agree about the color...at first, I thought, "does this merit $1350?". I guess it'll be appealing to some people, but it's too intense for me in person.

    And, on your first point...the SAs there do tend to swarm. Sometimes, it's a little overwhelming when you just want to browse in peace. Most of them are extremely nice and helpful though, when you decide that you need help.
  11. Am really loving the colour!!
  12. Wow that's quite bright!! too bright for me =P

    from the picture it looks like the camera really shook, i hate it when SAs pop out of nowhere!! =P (especially when i'm back in the store looking at the item for the Xth time trying to decide whether to get it... =P)
  13. That is a VERY bright electric blue! Pretty... just too loud for me.
  14. Once i get it i'll post some pix!!