07 City in tomato w/GSH should I keep it?

  1. I ordered this bag and it just arrived. I like it, but I'm not sure if I should keep it. Here are my thoughts: It is a casual looking bag and I usually dress up and wear dark colors all of the time, so I am not sure it will look right. Also, I'm not sure how I feel about the GSH, I typically prefer the regular hardware. I don't have any bags with the giant hardware, so this looks a bit flashy to me. Also, I carry a lot of stuff, so I prefer the Part Time (but I do already have one).

    On the plus side, the leather is really great and the color is even and brilliant. My DH thinks that it is a good solid addition to my collection.

    One more thing, I just bought two bags, so if I keep this I will be on lock down until fall (unless the bag of my dreams comes along and it is a do or die situation).

    What do you think? Keep it or return it?
    P1010196.jpg P1010199.jpg P1010200.jpg
  2. OMG, yes keep it!
  3. definitely keep it!! that bag is stunning!
  4. I'd love to own that bag!!!! It's gorgeous!
  5. It is beyond gorgeous! But if you are not in love with it, you probably need to let it go. I wouldn't, though!!
  6. Chi town Chanel,Keep it! It's versatile,and capacious:tup:!!
  7. From past personal experience... If you're not in love with it.. return it... :yes: Because at the end.. .I ended up selling or returning the bags.. that had a ":shrugs:" to it. Just my 2 cents.. ;) g:huh:d luck!
  8. I love the combination of GSH with the tomato. It is fabulous looking bag. I think you should definitely keep it.
  9. Totally agree with Oogie^^^ If you have to ask...back it goes. (It is totally, 100% TDF though...but I am a Tomato lover...okay, that just sounds wrong... :wondering)
  10. It's gorgeous!!! But if you are unsure about it then you should probably return it. These bags are too expensive to keep something that you don't love :yes:
  11. fantastic combo - keep it if you love it, return it if you are questioning your level of comfort carrying it.
  12. It Looks Good to me! But since its your first Giant H/W i suggest u get a darker colour so u can adjust easily. So it wont "WOW" u..
  13. I think the reds really make darker outfits pop, plus that would look great with some Louboutins ;) Having said that I agree that it's ultimately up to how you feel about the bag and if you're not in love with it and don't think it will get much use, then maybe it's best to return it and wait for your dream bag to come along. Good luck with your decision!
  14. I think perhaps you bought GH City to 'test the waters' and it didn't work...(sounding from your OP)....I'd return it if you could b/c this bag will always be flashy...whenever you wear it (still feel this way 3 1/2 months later with my GSH Violet)

    I love the leather though and the color!!!
  15. This is a beautiful City, but looks like it doesn't fit your needs. It indeed is very flashy. Since you have concerns of its size, and it will put you into purse ban for another 6 - 8 months, I'd suggest you return it and get something you will carry every day.