07 Cinnamon & 05 Bordeaux Comparison Pics

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  1. I :heart: my mailman... he's getting a great Christmas present this year!! :graucho: He keeps dropping off all of these wonderful, yummy things!!

    Well... as announced in the "Cinnamon, anyone?" thread - my 07 Cinnamon City showed up today. (I didn't want to take over Val's thread, but mods please put where you feel is appropriate...) I took some pics to show the color of my City, however I would describe it as a rich, warm brown - that has deep mohogany tones... In esscence - the perfect brown!! This is the brown I've been searching for...

    After reading a few reviews of the color Cinnamon/Morgano, I was afraid that I was going to end up with a bag in a color almost exactly like my Bordeaux Twiggy... People kept saying it had alot of red in it, and I saw a few comparisons with 05 Bordeaux . However, that is not the case with mine - and I couldn't be more excited!! Bordeaux is definately more of a red, Cinnamon is definately a deep brown....

    As far as the leather goes..... ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!! Soft & smooshy... it is actually rivaling the leather on my 05 "pre-broken in" Bordeaux folks!! (Dare I say it may have a slight chance of being... better??) So... this A/W 07 leather is something to consider...

    Without further ado, my 07 Cinnamon City & comparison pics with my 05 Bordeaux Twiggy. Lots of smooshy goodness! This may be the first bag I actually keep bedside the first night after receiving... :cutesy:

    (I have 4 additional pics to upload...)
    Cinnamon1.jpg Cinnamon & Bordeaux on lounger.jpg CinnamonBordeauxCompare1.jpg CinnamonBordeauxCompare2.jpg 07 Cinnamon by brick 2.jpg
  2. congrats on your new bag! it definitely looks more brown than the 05 bordeaux!
  3. Congrats!!! And, thanks for the comparison pics.
  4. I LOVE your new bag!!! It is truly gorgeous!!!~ as well as your bordeaux!!! YUMMY colors!!!!:heart::love::heart:
  5. I took one pic outside, but actually found the most accurate color representation was from the pics by the brick on our family room fireplace!! :tup: (I think I found my new favorite spot to photograph bbags in my house.)

    The brick helps to bring out the rich brown tones and I also tried to get Bordeaux in a few of them to compare as well. :smile:

    (I had to really drop the quality level on the outside one to get it to upload... so sorry if that one isn't great!! :push:smile:
    07 Cinnamon by brick.jpg CompareCinBor brick2.jpg CompareCinBor brick1.jpg 07 Cinnamon outside.jpg
  6. Thanks ladies! That's why I wanted to post these somewhere, because after reading a few people mention that they thought it looked like Bordeaux (after I had already ordered it!!), I started to get nervous!! :sweatdrop:

    Alas... it is the perfect brown color I had been searching for, and I'm happy that I changed my mind to Cinnamon!! :tup:
  7. I have been drooling over all of your pictures!! I should get my cinnamon from aloharag tomorrow and can't wait! The cinnamon is VERY different from Bordeaux.
  8. LOVELY!!! :heart:

    Next to the bordeux, your cinnamon looks like 2005 chocolate.
  9. So gorgeous! Your bag also looks like it has the thickest, yummiest leather ever--and I agree about the leather being even better than the 2005 leather. Congrats and enjoy!

    By the way, I LOVE your Bordeaux bag!
  10. :tup:
    Great comparison pics! Deffinitely puts to rest the 07 Cinnamon is like 05 Bordeaux debate, and proves once again you never know what these colors are like until you see then in real life and/or pictured in comparison photos. I can't wait to see Grape next to Eggplant, and Jaune next to 04 S/S Yellow and 04 F/W Marigold. Thanks for posting the photos!
  11. So glad you found your perfect brown. Congrats, it's stunning!
  12. [​IMG]
    I LOVE IT!!!!:heart::heart::heart: In this pic there is some red? OOOOOOOOOhhhhh....I just love it bubbles!!! And the leather - :drool: Why don't you just put it in your bed by you!? Do you see red in it in your house? Just a little????
  13. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the pics. :drool::drool::drool:
  14. Congrats!!! That is a very gorgeous color.
  15. Thanks!! :tup: I hope I was able to help someone out with the comparison pics!!

    Ally - It does have a red "tone" to it... but its definately in the brown family. (But like Valerie said, there seems to be alot of variation!! So I bet yours has a bit more red in it!!) I can't wait to see what your Day looks like!! This is getting interesting!

    ILuvHandbags - Can't wait to see what variation you get as well!! Congrats on your yummy Cinnamon on its way!