07 Bronze reissue is released only in Europe?

  1. Hi, girls

    My friend got a bronze reissue(266) in France this June.
    (not dark silver 07 which we can find in US)
    I thought it is from the Cruise 06.
    But she claims that it is from 07 not from 06 and it is "exclusively" released in Europe only.
    What is the truth?
    Please let me know. Thanks in advance. :yahoo:
  2. yikes i'd like to know too! does it look really bronze or gold b/c there was a gold reissue here...
  3. Do you know the color code # on the chanel tag?
  4. Do you have pics?, I will like to see it???
  5. I haven't seen either a bronze nor gold reissue in 4 countries since
  6. oops post kind of slipped lol ...well since January !they were sold out as soon as they hit the boutiques(in Milan, Venice,Frankfurt,Vienna,Athens)
    According to Sas only the light silver and black met were released for Europe later on!
  7. I thought bronze = dark silver? Isn't it?
  8. Nop! Actually I've seen 4 different colours at my local C b. during Christmas holidays 2006-2007: there were dark silver met, a bronze/gold(that could have been the dark gold),a light gold met and the light silver met which I've got!
    When after a couple of months I was looking for the light gold met there was nowhere to be found in the bs I've mentioned in my previous posts.:sad:
  9. Cherishlee I called my local Chanel b this morning to find out about the bronze reissue,I had to talk to an SA since the MA has left for Paris and will be here next week ,she told me that she has heard of a bronze bag that they will get soon but she didn't have a clue of what style it's going to be !!!She just mentioned it's going to be an evening bag!:confused1:
    BTW here they call reissue only the 2005 edition -I guess they're right-and refer to the reissue as the Mademoiselle lock or the 2.55 .Now whenever I try to ask e.g. for either a 225/226/227 and so on they're actually lost!lol!:tdown:
  10. If there is an exclusive Europe only reissue, that's crazy... I hope some of you ladies (chanelspell!!) snag it and post pics!! :heart: :heart: I'd love to see how it compares to the Fall '06 reissue!! :nuts:
  11. Haha! :roflmfao: I'll just have to keep my Chanel bodyguard with me at all times then haha! :p I'm jealous of your gorgeous Bordeaux reissue girl, ahh! :girlsigh: If I spot a dark gold reissue anywhere, I'll definitely let you know! :heart:

  12. cherishlee - information please when you get it! inquiring minds want to know!!
  13. In such a case I hope it's more blingy like the light gold (I need one to use as an evening bag hehe), but then again isn't it supposed to be released together with the spring 2008 reissues???:confused1:
    Hope I'll get some details by next week!;)