07 breif with giant hardware


Miss Penne' Cotta
Oct 6, 2006
hey ladies,

does anyone know whether there'll be a breif with regular hardware???

i think the giant hardware looks best on breif but i'm also waiting to see how it looks with regular hardware...

for other style, the regular hardware works best, maybe i'm not used to the look of gigantic hardware yet..:love:

picture in the courtesy of TPFer...thx :smile:


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yes, there will be one w/regular hardware. that picture you posted was sent to me by Joseph who has me on the list for the regular brief. I forget what colors, but I posed his email in here somewhere.
I'm curious to see what the brief will look like with regular hardware... also, does it have a zipper on the top, or is it open like a shopper?
Cuteusername, would u kindly post ur regular brief once u've got it....i'd love to seeeeee :smile:

so i suppose the regular hardware breif would have tassles like usual too, right?

ohh so excited for u :smile: