'07 Anthracite vs. '06 Grenat


Anthracite or Grenat?

  1. Anthracite!

  2. Grenat!

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  1. Hey ladies,

    I'm thinking about getting a First in one of these colors. I'm on the fence about Anthracite, so I wanted some opinions. I hear the leather on all the Anthracites are TDF...better than any of the '06 leather. I also read about the "white" problems on the Grenats.

    What do you think? I'm a brunette and wear a lot of black, blues, purples, browns.

    I love that Anthracite is such a chameleon color, but I also love deep burgundy-reds. What would you go for, and why? TIA!
  2. I vote for grenat
  3. Grenat gets my vote!
  4. my vote goes to anthracite...i love chameleon colors. for deep burgundy, i prefer bordeaux over grenat because of its purple tones. go for what you love though...let us know what you decide!
  5. Grenat....I have this colour in the box style and it is gorgeous.
  6. I voted for Anthracite - but it is a very close call! I love them both and have a Box in Grenat and a Messenger in Anthracite - the leather is TDF on both :heart:

    Let us know what you decide :yes:
  7. Anthracite! It's a lot sexier than Grenat, IMHO. To me the Grenat is a little conservative.
  8. I voted for Grenat for a first. I love both of these colors, but for a First, I think grenat pops more. I'm a bigger fan of Anthracite in the larger bags. Both colors are beautiful, though.
  9. Grenat becuase it is more vibrant, I do not really like dark black or green or blue colours!
  10. Grenat! It's such a rich, stunning colour, but you will be amazed at how much it goes with!
  11. i saw a girl carrying a bordeaux or grenat bag last year and loved it. i just find anthracite so unique, but i haven't seen it in irl. i just don't know if i'm a fan of blue-ish bags...i would love it if i could get a more grayish-toned anthra!

    i actually ordered the anthra from balny with credit. i haven't received it yet, but i'm serously second guessing myself!

    thanks for the input...keep it coming! :flowers:
  12. I vote Grenat. Not a fan of anthracite. Especially didn't like the way it looked with brown.
  13. Well, I don't have any experience with grenat, but I can tell you that the anthracite is such a cool color because of the way it changes depending on the colors you put it up against or the lighting. This makes it extremely versatile, in my opinion. And the leather on my new anthracite twiggy is amazing!!
  14. although i like both colors, i'd say anthracite, since it would look better with the color of your wardrobe.......
  15. I like the anthracite better than grenat. I actually think it looks wonderful with browns and blacks.