07 Anthra/Plomb GH Brief. Anywhere??

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  1. This is my new HG! Please if you have come across an 07 Anthra or Plomb GH Brief in GH (Silver or Gold), please PM me.

    I think I prefer Anthra with the bluish tone. Thank you!
  2. About one week ago there was a 07 gsh plomb brief at Bal Paris Avenue George. Nathalie found it for me but I didn't take it.
    Good luck!
  3. Go saff! I will live vicariously through you!!
  4. Hi Pinkydream, do you know how much the brief cost in Paris? and is there any other plomb bag that Nathalie found?
  5. She told me it is 1195€. I asked for 2007 giant gold / silver bags in general that are no hobos. And she only found two briefs one plomb sgh and one ivory sgh. She's very helpful.
  6. Oh my goodness!! Thank you, Pinkydream! Now, how do i get in contact with Nathalie??
    I'll do a search... roey, this is too good to be true. I'll keep you posted.
  7. hey saff, just sent her an email at Boutique10gv@fr.balenciaga.com and attn: Nathalie.
    I think she will get back to you soon!
    i really hope you can get it!!!

  8. Ooooh, hope you get it, Saff!!! How exciting!
  9. I just called them and it's GONE!!:crybaby: Oh well, the search continues...

    Thanks again, Pinkydream.
  10. Oh NO!! I'm so sorry to hear that, Saff :sad:

    But, another's bound to turn up... just gotta keep looking... will keep my eyes peeled for you.