06a Python Flaps anywhere???

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  1. After seeing all the beautiful exotic skin flaps posted by Habanerita and Larkie... I cant stop thinking of them.. Would love to see if I can get lucky and still get one of those 06 python in the store. Love the colors... If anyone see one ..pls pls pls let me know. thanks lots:heart:
  2. Haha! Me too!! I esp. love the "multi-toned" ones with tassel from 06A. If anyone see one, please let me know too (of course after sohja coz she's the first to ask).


  3. Larkie can open a bag, borrow or steal a python. Start begging her to be put on a wish list. (No, don't -- am just kidding here.)

    BTW, don't bother calling Chanel 800. They said no python flaps coming down the pike.
  4. You may want to try Neiman Marcus. I got mine there for Fall 06. It is the purple ombre with the tassel. But Neimans carries some things that is sold out at the Chanel Boutiques.

    There is also one other girl who's subtitle was "Chanel Snake Charmer" but I can't remember her screen name. She had quite a collection also but hasn't been around lately.
  5. :girlsigh:
  6. Thanks gals ... Appreciate the additional eyes and ears for MIA and me :graucho: