06 white?

  1. today i was comparing my white first to my friend's white first and we noticed something peculiar about hers. hers is fall 06 first and is a shinier white. the leather is PERFECT on it and i'm a little jealous of that, except that along the edges of her bag, it looks really unfinished. you can see all these traces of this salmony pink, i'm assuming undyed leather that wasn't covered over. her handles are also REALLY REALLY soft and squishy even tho its her first time using it. on mine you can't see any of that. mine is more matte and the handles feel nice and firm.

    i'm just wondering, esp for those of you who have white bags from the fw 06 collection, if this is normal? cos i was considering a white work or white city but if this is going to be the norm for fw 06 then i think i may want to wait... my friend is also considering exchanging her bag for another one or returning it altogether because it really bugs her, esp after seeing mine.
  2. Hmmm...I bought a white First (which I think I'm returning-wah!) and I didn't notice that the edges look unfinished. I don't have it with me right at the moment but I'll check and let you know.
  3. Hmm...I don't have a white 06, but the handles on my Rouge Vif 06 are like your friend's. My handles are squishy not hard and firm like the were on the 06 Grenat that I had. I have heard that on some bags the edges weren't completely dyed(I read about someone's Black City, I can't remember who now, though). If it bothers your friend, I'd exchange the bag.:yes:
  4. glimmer- why are you returning your white first? you were soo excited....:shrugs:

    pink- i have a fall 06 white first which was an impulse buy bc it was so smooshy! the leather is not bright white, like a soft white with matte finish, not shiny, and smooshy. i have previously posted pix. my handles are not smooshy, but normal feeling for bal.what else do you need to know?
  5. thanks for the feedback everyone!
    chaussure, i know exactly what you're talking about... i actually 'tried on' what i'm assuming was also a fall 06 first that was like that too. it was really cool, very rock n roll. the issue with my friends bag that bothers her the most is the unfinished edges... like on almost all the edges of the bag you can see that there was a layer of what looked like salmony coloured raw leather that wasn't dyed or covered over, or when it was covered over, it was very poorly done.
    the leather on hers is much different from yours though. its bright white and shiny. the leather they used on the bottom and sides are sooo thick and squishy and the back too. my ss 06 white is not as shiny, much more distressed and thinner on the bottom and sides. hers looks kinda more like a warm white while mine looks like a cooler white, if that makes any sense
  6. pink, it does make sense. i had a white 04 or 05 twiggy, cant remember, the first year twiggy was introduced and it was a cool white. if she is not happy, tell her to exchange it. i hand picked mine from a choice of 3 white firsts and leather does vary greatly from bag to bag as we all know.... where did she buy it?
  7. I know! Sigh... I just don't think I'm a First girl. I did want to have one in my collection but the bag is just too petite for me. And since I love to wear all b-bags by the shoulder strap, the white was a really bad choice (as I knew it would be) since the bag would rub so much on my clothing. It was just so delicate. I did send it back today (sorry Pink, I can't believe I forgot to check for you!) so wahhhhhhhhhh! :crybaby:
  8. aw i'm so sorry to hear that glimmer! i totally understand your concern though... didn't you get it from AR? i'm sure you'll find the perfect bag soon!
    chaussure, my friend got hers at Neiman Marcus and mine was from the nyc boutique
  9. Yep, I got it from AR. Hopefully the return won't take too long to process (didn't you have a bad experience?). I sent Jumpei a nice email apologizing (I hate returning things) and he sent a nice reply back. So far so good, I love him.
  10. yeah i did have a bad experience and hopefully yours will go smoothly! he was just giving me a lot of trouble about the shipping speed he wanted (i ended up spending $100 on just shipping it back to him!) and the restocking fee. i didn't think it was fair for him to demand i choose the most expensive shipping option for a defective bag and then try to refuse to refund me the whole amount, or any of it at all. mine took 2+ weeks to resolve, but maybe by now they've streamlined the process and won't give you any trouble.
    in the meantime, i find that the spring 07 colours thread is always a good morale booster when i'm feeling uninspired and bag deprived!
  11. Oh yeah, I'm not looking forward to finding out how much it was to ship it back. I used my FedEx account and I won't know how much until I get my bill (I suppose I could find out but I don't wanna). I used the 2-day ship. I knew all that going in though so eh...

    I do have a Blue India ordered so that will hold me...but yeah, DYING to see the 07 colors!! It looks like I'll need at least three from that release. :wtf:
  12. pink, if your friend does not like her white leather, NM is the best to return or exchange, no restocking fee and you can get a credit back to cc.they can send her 2 more white firsts and she can pick the best one. :yes:

    glimmer, sorry to hear the first didnt work out for you.:crybaby: i am sure you will find the perfect bal bag to replace it. i still cant believe how taken i was with my white first since i am such the weekender girl.:heart: