'06 White First - Great Price and seller

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  1. Just a question, she said she purchased this for $995 @ Barneys, The bags I was looking at Cult Status.com showed the same bags for I think $1300? What is a normal price to pay for a first when purchased new?
  2. In the US a first is $995. I know it's different prices in Canada and elsewhere.
  3. Wow, glad I saw this. Cultstatus is still waiting for an answer re. the color I want but I have not decided. I was figuring out the cost from AU to Dollars and it was about $1300. Thats what was holding me back! Where do most of you purchase your B-Bags, is it ebay? Thanks!
  4. I mostly buy on Ebay because I save A LOT of $ doing that! But Aloharag.com is good too because you won't be charged tax and shipping is free over $500. I know some of those other online retailers that sell Balenciaga can sometimes be priced way over retail. :Push:
  5. Can I have some other opinions on this bag? I'm still up in the air w/the cultstatus bag I have on order. I have not emailed them my reply for color and found out their asking price of $1300 for a first bag is rather high. This seems to be in good shape and a reputable dealer? Thanks!
  6. I'd snag it up in a heartbeat if it were next on my b-bag list. I'd love a white first someday and the price is very good..
  7. That's a pretty bag. I'd bid on it if I wasn't already bidding on another bbag. Good price.
  8. Australian retailers are much more expensive because of freight and customs duties/taxes ect. I know Cosmo Shoes also carries Balenciaga but the price of a twiggy there is $2350 (australian dollars) which is about $1750 (US$)...very expensive!!!! I think the cheapest option for Australians is Aloharag as long as customs doesn't tax it coming in! if you buy fr Bal NY they will declare the full value and you will get taxed about $300. I live in Perth so I prefer the buy from cultstatus as I like to see before I buy...I'm reluctant to spend $1k on ebay (Aust)!
  9. Just clicked on this ebay link as I had been debating if I was going to BIN. Bidding ended and looks like didn't sell. I then went to see if she relisted and theres a similar bag w/starting bid of $61.00. Is this the same bag?
  10. Never mind! Went in and read it more carefully and can see its not the same one