06 White City--$199 SP

  1. Why did you return it?
  2. Am I allowed to say it on here??

    I'll PM you.
  3. I looked at that a while ago and agree that it looks authentic, although quite a bit dirtier than I can tolerate, especially on a white bag :sad:
  4. ooh, I would love to know why you returned it. Good to know so I know what sellers to stay away from...can you PM me?
  5. Ohhh, please PM me too, I'd like to know! :flowers:
  6. why was it returned? :sad: was it really destroyed?
  7. Oy. I bidded on this.

    What's wrong with it? Can you PM me too?
  8. This seller does sell AUTHENTIC items.
  9. I don't think you should have to PM this info. As long as what you're stating is fact, people should freely know. Hmmmm, I dunno.. Mimz??
  10. Yes, can you post the reason? I was maybe going to bid too.
  11. OK, So I'm having ALOT of PMs come through to me.

    I don't think I should say anything about this bag since it's really a personal choice thing and I don't want to hurt her sale. So I will make it fair for everyone by posting photos of the bag when it was in my posession and everyone can decide for themself.
  12. welp, here's the thing girls, for $199, you can't expect too much :girlsigh:...but i think it's a really cool bag & would be worth much more than that...i bet it could be cleaned up pretty well with some apple guard conditioner...i know i'm a weirdo, but i really like the look of a pre-loved white b-bag :love:
  13. That's a fair solution, good thinking.
  14. If you click on the image, it will take you to the album where I have all the photos I took of this bag when it was mine.