'06 Stam on shoulder

  1. Can you carry the bag on your shoulder comfortably? I'm concerned about the handles and the weight. Post pictures of yourself with the handles over your shoulder if you have them. :amuse:
  2. IMO - You cannot fit the 06 Stam over your shoulders without the kisslock poking your armpits. That was the deciding factor for me when I had the chance to get an 05. I could fit the 05 straps over my shoulder without the kisslock poking me. The 06 is very pretty, but you will have to use the chain to carry on your shoulder. I'm pretty bony in my shoulders, so I found that the chain hurts a little. I needed the straps.
  3. I agree...I had a SS06 Stam and you cannot fit it on your shoulder comfortably. It's strictly hand or forearm with handles,shoulder with chain.

    And I found that,due to the structured and bulky nature of the bag,it just didn't look good carried by the chain.
  4. Ditto. Too bulky to carry by the chain. This bag looks great with chain attached and hand-held.
  5. too bulky and hurts with the chain over the shoulder. sorry!
  6. Ditto!
  7. Yeah, I agree that it doesn't fit quite as well as the 05 over the shoulder but with that said, I don't like the Stam carried over the shoulder--with the chain or without. I like to hold the bag by hand.
  8. Me too-it looks soooo good handheld with the chain hanging:love:
  9. That is so odd, that there is such a difference between the fall 05 and the 06 bags. I carry mine on my shoulder without and with the chain, and both seem to work fine, as well as hand carry (mine are fall 05 bags).
  10. Which colors do you have?
  11. I have a black and a taupe Fall 05 stam. I bought the black when they first came out (and they were in abundance on NM.com) and snagged the taupe a while later. I think my taupe was a return.
  12. I don't carry mines over my shoulder by the handles. However, I use the chain when I don't want to carry it and it looks fine.
  13. So the lenght of the strap of 06 is different from 05? interesting.....
    why did he change the lenght? people were complaining about the straps were too long?