'06 Rouge Vif PURSE!

  1. holy moly... HOT HOT!!!
  2. Ohhhhhhh ... I've the same purse and I still L:heart: VE it - it's matching to everything :yes: :drool: and the color is hot hot hot :yahoo: !

    Thank you for posting pewter :flowers: :love:
  3. that is one hot red bag. too bad i have this in the city!! drooooools.
  4. Oh My God! I am so not a fan of the color red, but this would have me changing my mind in 3 seconds! I just love the Purse.
  5. :yes: that bag is definately hot!!!!
  6. that is a hot bag!
  7. This is such a beautiful bag. I am drooling!:drool:
  8. I'm carrying this to work today. Loooooooooove!!:wlae:
  9. HOT INDEED!!!

    Also, this seller is a super sweet lady and ships quite quickly from the UK. I got my Marron Weekender in just 5 days.
  10. To whet your appetite for this listing...:drool:
  11. you're evil Deco!!!
  12. Deco, we need to meet so I can "borrow" your Balenciagas. Er...but maybe not the religious one. Love your collection!! :heart:

    I think I need a Rouge bag in a few months. It's so pretty. Good luck gals!
  13. I aim to please :graucho:
  14. Oh man ... what a BEAUTIFUL bag!! Again ... it would be nice if our local stores carried more of this color and different styles; they would be FLYING off the shelves!