06 Rouge Vif First - SB 995 or BIN 1095

  1. beautiful bag.... :drool:
    good luck everyone !!
  2. That is truly a beautiful bag. In immaculate condition. How I wish it was grenat.:sad:

    Do hope one of you gals gets it.
  3. I just got my Rouge VIF in the first from Aloharag today. I wonder who would pay that price when you can get a brand new one for $995, no shipping or tax.
  4. Yeah... I don't get why anyone would pay at least $31 more for a used bag when they can still get a brand new one for less. :confused1:
  5. Thanks slinks

    Yeah- Pewter and yaya....With paypal and ebay charges I will be out $50 or so. But I do have the opening bid at $995 and I am willing to cut my loses on my fees that I will have to pay. Times are tough, and it is a perfect bag. I hate to part with it:sad:
  6. ohh gorgeaus color!! I love it on you! goodluck with selling..