'06 Rouge Vif City

  1. Aaaiiieee! I must have this!!! :sweatdrop:
  2. Make an offer Hippiechic!
  3. I'm trying to figure out a way to do this, despite my purse ban...there's gotta be a way! :sweatdrop: I need a Balenciaga Fairy!
  4. Beautiful City, Powderpuff!
  5. ooh, go for it, hippiechic!
  6. ooooh!! This settles the black or red debate!! Hope there's a way you can go for it!! Won't a pink laptop just look so HOT in a Rouge Vif City?!?
  7. Oh, Jess....you're not kidding about that! :idea: Will 12.98” (W) x 1.45” (H) x 9.28” (D) fit in a City?

    OK, now I'm really in love...:heart:
  8. heehee.. just to help it out... your laptop dimensions looks like it fits a city perfectly that has dimensions of... 10"H x 15"w x 3.5"d!!
  9. Thanks everyone. It killed me to list a couple of my bags but I can borrow my Mom's rouge and I know she isn't going to use it very often. I want so many older colors and I am on the list for 4 spring colors too. I think I am taking my name off of a couple of those though. I am on a lilac hunt now. :P I don't like to sell my bags, I like to keep them all, but my closets say "we are full.":crybaby:
  10. Good Luck!
  11. Beeeeautiful!!!! Good luck powderpuff!
  12. I hear ya! Good luck with the sale - the rouge vif is an absolute beauty!

    Good luck on your lilac hunt too!