'06 Rouge Vif Bowling Bag

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  1. :choochoo: Gorgeous!!!! Good luck Z!
  2. Good luck selling that gorgeous bag. Your collection is amazing! My town is not that far from yours -- if I drive by your home can I see all those bags out on your front step?:rolleyes:
  3. ^^^LOL! You are so funny city!!!!!!! I just actually got back from Gretta Luxe and Barney's in Chestnut Hill!!! I saw a girl walk in the Chestnut Hill Mall (through Bloomindale's) with a gorgeous ink city!!! I was schocked- I've never seen anyone with a Bbag! Was it you????

    Thank you Pewter & Tucker!!!!!!!!:heart: :flowers: :heart:
  4. G/L Zac.........you know if this was any style other than a bowling bag it would be mine :love: .

    It's a great price....I'm sure it will be gone in no time
  5. Zacorey - That was not me today, although I'd certainly love to have a gorgeous ink city.

    The only time I see anyone carrying bbags around here is in Boston on Newbury Street or the Prudential / Copley shopping area.
  6. Good luck!
  7. That was the first time I ever saw anyone with a Bbag! I almost stopped her! LOL
  8. Thanks live!!!!! It's such a great style! It fits on the shoulder great and has the best leather. I have a vif make up clutch so I will still own a piece of this gorgeous color!

    l_b~ Thank you! xoxo
  9. BTW did you see anything tempting at GL or Barneys?
  10. ^^^What are you looking for?
  11. I finally got to see the Bowling bags in person and they are SOOOOOO cute!!!!
  12. I'm not really looking for anything. I am considering getting a blueberry day bag, but I know those stores don't have it. I was just curious if you saw anything you liked.
  13. Same with me...if it were a City, I'd be all over it! I've fallen in love with the rouge vif. :love:
  14. Thanks Glimmer (JIM)LOL!:lol: :flowers:

    city~ No~ I didn't see anything I wanted! I would love to see a small toilet case but no one here has them!!! I am in love with the black courier at Barney's at Copley though! I desparately would love to find a lilac '06 Work with great leather but I doubt that would ever happen!!!!!!!!!!:sad:

    hippie~ the bowling is really awesome! The shape is like the LV Lockit bag I saw at LV and loved! Have you seen it in person?