'06 Rouge City - where to find? How long?

  1. Is BNY the only place for me to snag this bag? Its it a pre-order situation only with this color? Anywhere else to find one?

    Also (side question):
    How hard is it to get a strictly "spring" color bag or "fall" colored bag. How long does Balenciaga make a seasonal color available for? Does it keep re-filling orders through december (for rouge bags for example) - or do they sell out fast?

    TIA! :flowers:

    p.s. Can anyone recommend a nice SA at BNY?
  2. I usually deal with either Joseph or Louie at BNY. They are both very helpful. I don't know the answer to your question regarding availability. Perhaps another member will be able to give you an answer.
  3. I think everyone is still waiting for Bal NY to open their boxes and reveal the rouge vif City. I don't know the answers to your other Qs but I highly recommend JOSEPH from Bal NY!!
  4. Joseph is great.:angel:
  5. I think their waiting lists / pre order lists are as long as the number of bags they have being shipped in.. eg: if they know they are getting about 125 rouge cities this season, then their lists probably won't be too much longer than that (probably have a little more than 125 in case of cancellations?)...

    BUT, the 125 bags don't come in all at the same time.. they come in in probably batches of 3 or 4... so each time, 25 bags, or 35 bags... then those that are "early" on the pre order list will be called first etc...

    However, if you ARE able to get your name on the pre-order, an SA will probably tell you that you re defeinitely getting the bag, except that they won't usually know EXACTLY when.. if you're lucky and many people cancel their orders, then you'll get yours quicker.

    Personally, i really like to get mine from BalNY because you can ask many questions when you get the right SA.. and it's easier to talk on the phone than on email to Aloharag.. although Aloharag is REALLY helpful too.. but sometimes, because of the first come first serve at AH.. you get stressed (well, i do)... so I prefer BNY..

    I don't buy from anywhere else if I'm buying brand new.. =)

    ALSO: to your question about refilling orders / how long they keep the bags there for.. i'm pretty sure they keep them there until they sell out. so it's different for different styles/colours.

    From my experience, since i stopped buying the 06 bags, during 05, the pre-order lists were pretty quickly filled up.. but i was lucky and managed to get on it usually at 90+ position or 70+ position... usually the 2nd or 3rd batch of "receivers". =)

    As for the rouge... give BNY a call and ask if they still have any. =) I normally work with Louie.. he's a doll. =)

    Hope that helps!
  6. I recommend KIM. She is the best, very very patient and never ever making the voice like you annoy her (sorry, I don't know how to explain in english word). :love:
  7. Louie is gone.
  8. Good info so far. I really don't want to get an impatient or *****y SA -i've had to deal with that too much in the past.

    I guess i'll call tomorrow and put my name on the list!
  9. what????????????? danngg..... but i love louie... i called a few weeks ago and they said he was on vacation.... :rant:
  10. beaux, you can also try aloha rag too. you don't have to preorder, but it helps ensure that you get one. if you order from BNY, i recommend joseph or daphne. daphne selected my rouge vif work. i told her the type of leather i wanted and she promised to pick the best one. i think she made a very good choice.
  11. esile: How did you describe what kind of leather you wanted? I ask this because when I was at HR I was trying to explain to a SA about the different types of leather and she totally didn't get it!
  12. i told daphne that i wanted the leather to be thick and evenly distressed, but not overdone to where it was veiny or marbly, not too shiny. there are some leathers that are really smooth to the point of it looking almost fake. i emphasized that i didn't want that. hope that helps.:flowers:
  13. That's a fantastic way to describe the perfect leather, esile! :yes: No wonder your Rouge Vif is sooo gorgeous!:love:
  14. yeah, with this seasons leather, there's so many variations, you have to be really specific regarding what you want. i think most SAs are helpful and try their best to pick what you want... after all, they don't want you to be dissatisfied and return it. they'd lose the commission. ;) but definitely, the best of this season's leather is much nicer than the best of last seasons. does that make sense?:blink:
  15. Yes, makes perfect sense! Plus, the reports on the Rouge Vifs seem to all be consistently amazing! Perhaps, it's a sign of even better leather to come in the future. Spring 2007 might be a return to the old thick buttery soft leather???? Oooh! That would rock! In the meantime, I am loving all the Rouge Vif leather I've seen so far! :biggrin: