'06 Rose Legacy Shoulder Bag

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  1. Hello everyone! I'm new and have some quick questions for you all.
    I was the owner of the Rose Legacy shoulder bag once. I bought it at my boutique as my second Coach purchase ever a week after it came out. I was planning my pink and brown wedding and it was TDF! I had so many issues with the turn locks on the front. I had a replacement sent from FL the first time and then I had to send it for repairs three times and the last time they replaced the whole lock mechanism and in the process destroyed the leather on the inside of the front pocket flaps. It looked like they took a screw driver to the front. The SA at the store thought I was crazy when I burst into tears at the sight of it. :crybaby: Needless to say I no longer own her but have heard that the turnlock issue was resolved. I am desperately looking for her again. At the time that I had to let her go they were sold out everywhere. If anyone spots one can you post it?

    Also curious about the whole outlet thing. I live in AZ and we don't have one here. Do you know if I call an outlet will they ship to me or do I have to go in person? I don't have any friends who would be so kind to feed my addiction that live near outlets. :sad: Just curious. Any outlet tips you experienced addicts may have is much appreciated!

    I will get my collection pics up tonight!
  2. So far this is the only rose one I've seen on Ebay. You might could wait and see if another pops up, as this one is listed kind of high.


    It's also to my knowledge and experience, that at the outlets, you have to actually be in person to receive a purse. I live in Japan and asked them about that and they said you have to be there in person, that they could not charge over the phone. Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks! I figure eventually one will pop up.
  4. yeah I agree I would wait to see what pops up on the bay I have not seen the rose in the outlets at all I only saw the magenta I think it was and that is the one I want. So good luck I will might be going to the outlets this weekend there are 3 withing 50 miles of me if not more so I will let you know if I see it.
  5. Shia you are so lucky you live close to 3 outlets!! Do you live off 35 towards San Marcos and Hillsboro. I'm from Texas too