06 Precious Symbol Tote-Target FOUND!!!!

Hello everyone! I would like to say THANK YOU PTFers!!!! From a Chanel newbie who fall in love w/a pic, with everyone's genours help, i was able to identify the tote and the price of this tote:crybaby:. After months of hunting, Chanel finally help me track down the last piece of 06 Precious Symbols Tote, it was 1300+ and the rep told me it's the last one plus it's on mark down under 1000!:yahoo: :nuts:
It's the perfect tote for me! Love the unquie yet classic style (must have feets!), so far it's the only tote i can see myself get a great use of. Although I've been blessed to purchase gold and silver LV miroir pochette by just walking and ask, i would definitely release it back to market and fund for this 'precious' tote!!!:love: :happydance:
I will definitely post pix once i got this in mail!


crazy for chalcedony
Apr 23, 2006
congrats, classic chic!
is the precious symbols tote the one with the 3 main symbols (the 5, camellia etc)?


Nov 30, 2006
hmm, i'm new here too so i have no idea how that bag looks. i can't wait to see it. i'm sure it's beautiful!

the wait is the worst part!


Sep 4, 2006
hurrah and congrats for you, Classic Chic! :yahoo: i'm so pleased you found it! Post pics when you get it, i'd love to see it!