06 Pale Rose

  1. Hi ladies, I received my pale rose city that I ordered from my sa. At first, I haven't seen this color irl, so I was hesitant. When I opened the carefully secured package, I immediately fell in love with it! With the shade, style, and leather smell. Hehehe... I've only seen pics of it here on pf, but it barely shows the true color. When I was outside, it was sparkling as if it had glitter on it even if it didn't. Lol. Its so feminine! I would advise anyone of you to buy one NOW if you can find them since the season has come to the end. I'm so excited to take it out on the town!!!
  2. congrats..
    picture pls...
  3. Congrats, girl!!! The pale rose is a pretty, pretty colour! I demand pics, lol!
  4. :heart: OK, no more posts without the pics!! That is too mean!!
  5. Congrats!! Isn't is so beautiful. I am in love with my Pale Rose Hobo. The color is so awesome. I am thinking of getting it in a purse as well.
  6. I want to see pics!
  7. Id love to but i am new to this and I don't know how to post pics. Help!
  8. Congrats! It is a fabulous color!
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