'06 Pale Rose Twiggy

  1. Does anyone own one? do you love it?

    I just bought it from the Manhasset Barney's. I had to exchange my grenat work bag (size just wasn't working for me). I don't own a twiggy, but the pale rose was too beautiful to pass up even with all the warnings from fellow PFers.

    The store also had a pale rose day/hobo and a shrug.
  2. Congrats!! I love Twiggys so much. I *think* Citys are my favorite but I want to collect Twiggys in every color. Okay, I can say that about Citys too. :P

    Pale Pink is so pretty--enjoy that little beauty!
  3. Twiggy is my favorite shape. Congrats!!!!
  4. I have two Twiggy Bbags but one is white and one is rouge. I do have a pale rose Bbag but it is in the Purse style. It's a fabulous color. I sprayed mine with AG before I started using it and I've been wearing it all summer with no problems. It looks as good as when I first got it. Congrats to you!