06 Pale Rose - still a "collectors' item"?

  1. hey everyone! i was searching thru the forum as i remember a post re the collectors' colors...but cant seems to find tat post :confused1: ha...:sweatdrop:

    so here im wondering if the 06 pale rose Work is still desirable?

    thanks :p
  2. it's desirable to me (really a lovely colour) although i worry about its fading issues. that's probably what would keep me from buying one at this point in time.
  3. evilarchitect > yupyup, my colleague has the pale rose in the Purse style and i love the color! i've been wanting to get a Work and now i have the chance to get a brand new Pale Rose Work but im just not sure...:confused1:
  4. I love pink, but I didn't buy this color. Maybe it was fear of the yellowing issue that some, but clearly not all, people had with their bags. I sort of regret it now, as a pinkist. It is a color I think you should buy if you really like it and are willing to be really careful to protect your bag from fading, the sun, etc. to avoid this potential problem. I don't think it is a color that is sought after like eggplant or something, if that's what you mean by "collector's item." If you have a chance at a great bag and love it for you, not for later resale considerations, get it.
  5. I was looking for that thread too, I thought it would be interesting, now that there are new colors and other colors are unavailable, to see what people think compared to a few months ago.