'06 Pale Rose Pink City - LOW SP

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  1. i was looking at that bag earlier.
    anyone know about how much it would be to get that corner cleaned up?
    that is really the only thing that is 100% holding me back from it right now.
  2. The corner really doesn't look bad to me. I mean it's not even noticeable in the whole view of the bag. The 2 big dark spots just look like a shadow from her hand taking a pic? But the dirt looks like it could get cleaned up with some Apple Garde. I have this bag and the corners get dirty like that easily, but Apple Garde always removes it all and makes it look brand new... Maybe ask her if she has ever tried cleaning it?
  3. I have that on my watch list!

    She has a few really nice bags up right now, but I'm so wary of EBAY that her low feedback is a huge deterrent.
  4. ^^ditto
  5. I always hesitate on the Pink because of yellowing and fading.
  6. That too.
    When the pink is in it's deep dyed glory, it's EASILY my favorite color, but I'm not at all high on the color it goes to with the fading.
  7. i don't know if anyone noticed, but this bbag is located in LA and then the others she's selling are in seattle????