06 Pale rose Courier or 06 Grenat Weekender?


06 S/S Pale Rose Courier or 06 F/W Grenat weekender?

  1. pale rose courier

  2. grenat weekender

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  1. I have never had a courier,neither do I have a weekender. Thanks for the wonderful weekender pics from PFers, I am wanting one badly. Bu tthe pale rose courier is soo nice too. Which one...which one..please help me...:graucho:
  2. Grenat WE:yahoo: !!!
  3. Yeah!:wlae: ITA!:yes:
  4. i just got the Grenat Work, not weekender, but still the same color... it's beautiful. i've been reading about the discoloration of the pale rose and that worries me. plus i'm clumsy with my pens and end up with penmarks on my bags no matter how much i try.
  5. love love LOVE grenat!