06 Pale Pink Purse!!!!!!!!!

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh..........:drool: :heart: :drool:

    it makes me almost forget about my mission to find shrugs.........
  2. Is it from a tPFer? I don't see much description about condition or use, which worries me a bit.
  3. zero feedback too. I LOVE pale pink (or anything pink for that matter), and normally I would be all over this if it wasnt for the fact that the pink turns yellow.
  4. I'm not a pink person but I loooove pale pink! It's definitely my favorite of the pinks.
  5. I'm not too concerned about the zero FB. It might be someone who has seen the crazy interest in bbags on eBay and decided to sell their bag and cash in on the craze. The bag is authentic.:yes:

    Oh chuggie, your dog drives me nuts. Everytime I see him I just tilt my head and stare at his cute little Puss-n-Boots face:shame:

  6. Its a beautiful shade of pink but that color has been known to fade out to a yellowish color.
  7. I have to say~ that bag looks AWESOME!!!!~ especially in this color! Beautiful!!!:love:
  8. I had no idea that the pale pink is known to turn yellow. This fact might make me rethink my notion of getting one in the future. Now, I'm bummed, but I would still consider a Calcaire color....unless that is known to fade too. Anyone know?
  9. OMG. I HAVE TO HAVE THIS. I just have to.......*faints*
  10. BTW chuggie I completely agree with Fendihunter - your dog is too cute, send a pic of him to cuteoverload :biggrin:
  11. Chuggie, if you search on the main board, there is a huge post about it. IIRC, some pink bags have faded or turned yellow, and some have not. Of course pale pink is an 06 color so not much time has passed to really make an accurate judgement.
  12. Thanks for doggie compliments everyone! She is quite a handful - always getting into mischief (just as her picture would suggest). She's just so darn cute that she rarely gets in trouble when she causes problems around the house. Now, if she got into one of my purses, I might go crazy!:nuts:
  13. Wondering if LMB has any products that can be applied to a bag and help prevent or slow down this process? I know they can do wonders on the bags they help clean up and restore. It would be a pity not to snatch a beautiful Purse like this one because of possible yellowing.:sad: